Affiliate disclosure for RTP Bonanza

RTP Bonanza is one common slot from Big Time Gaming and is a section of those interesting slots that players can opt to play right now. More so, it has free spins where players can switch over available levels of gameplay. It is a good slot since it offers an opportunity for gamers to use Bitcoin and real money in most large casinos online, as a reputable slot from Big Time Gaming. This affiliate disclosure is reviewing some critical aspects of the gaming site that is loved by many online gamers across the globe.

Content of the disclosure review 

  • RTP Bonanza Disclosure page aims
  • Responsible gambling
  • The site’s mission
  • Types of data collected
  • Terms and conditions
  • About us
  • More about the RTP Bonanza
  • Slot machine FAQ
  • Contact us: General and complaints
  • Advertising
  • Conclusion

RTP Bonanza Disclosure page aims 

The main intention at RTP Bonanza Affiliate is to make a provision for the most updated and precise and unique information about online gaming. It requires numerous regular updates because of the fast-changing nature of the online gaming industry. To sufficiently provide the services, the RTP Bonanza website has reviews from the best reviewers available. It also purchases hosting, web servers, and software that cost some affordable amount of cash significant for running an updated RTP Bonanza website for gamers to get entertained.

Responsible gambling 

The site is committed to responsible gambling. It argues that online gambling is but leisure of pursuit that players should enjoy. The winning thrill can be quite exciting and financially rewarding, though it must not be forgotten that it is highly addictive. The gambling industry is regulated by the “UK Gambling Commission” that issues licenses to online operators of casinos like those listed on the UK page for slot site. Under the terms of license terms in gambling, businesses must promote responsible gambling and ensure that they offer their products in a way deemed socially responsible. This affiliate disclosure page aims at providing casino and slot players with sufficient information that they require to comprehend how they can manage gaming as entertainment and what they should do whenever they feel that they are overspending.

The site’s mission 

Its mission is to guide and link players to awesome casino sites and gaming slots that will enhance their winnings. It is crucial in promoting responsible gambling and has a disclaimer for the age limit for gamers. 18+ is its recommended age limit for gamblers. The site is a promoter of responsibility and morality in gaming. Players are advised not to play with an intention of recovering what they earlier lost when gambling, but should do it as an entertainment form. This is the only way that people will reduce disappointments and fully enjoy their gaming without having much regret.

Through its policies that are user friendly and easy to understand, RTP Bonanza has been able to reach many online gamers. It has offered free spins to attract players and indeed it has achieved winning over numerous players.

Types of collected data 

Among kinds of personal data that the application collects on its own or through 3rd parties, they include: Usage Date; Cookies; 1st name; last name; birth date; email address. Adequate details on each form of individual data collected are provided in the privacy policy section of the disclosure or through specific explanation texts that are displayed before the data collection. The user may freely provide personal data, or where there is usage data, it is collected automatically when individuals use the application.

Terms and conditions 

Below is a list of some terms and conditions laid out by RTP Bonanza.

  1. Any form of use of the website refers to RTP Bonanza.
  2. “Us”, “Our” and “We” in the Terms and Conditions refer to the affiliate site for RTP Bonanza.
  3. Whenever “you” is used, it refers to those individuals that visit the site, and when contributing some content on the site.
  4. “Agreement” refers to all terms, notices, and conditions the document sets forth.

About us

Updated in NOVEMBER 2020 – new affiliate disclosure

The site is the affiliate website that markets RTP Bonanza. It does not operate casino games and online slots and does not have any form of bets. It reviews and rates slot games to help the readers choose where to place their gambles and select on what products they wish to bet on. For its service, it receives s referral program from the websites it features in its listings. The paid referral fees are for every customer that deposits after arriving at RTP Bonanza via the site’s pages. Affiliate marketing is a business model established in gaming and many other gaming industries. Famous online brands running affiliate marketing programs include Trip Advisor, and eBay.

More about the RTP Bonanza 

The site is some independent brand, product review, and a major news site for online gaming and slot players. It provides all information required to enjoy fair, exciting, and safe gaming at licensed casinos and slots in the UK. It publishes site reviews, news, game reviews and promotions, guides and tips on betting and iGaming in general. The site is designed for gamers of all kinds from the ones playing for the 1st time to those high rollers having in-depth knowledge and understanding of the industry and the games. The site publishes reviews to guide players in choosing slot sites that deliver the experience they are looking for, whether their priorities be the promotions, the games, payment options, customer service, licensing, withdrawals, or all of them together. There is at a glance information box on the website with the main features of the site, one can read comprehensive write-ups for players looking for detailed information.

Slot machine FAQ

The frequently asked questions involve asking about what RTP Bonanza is; its game features; and the creators of the slot. RTP Bonanza is a common Big Time Gaming slot and a segment of the extensive collection of awesome casino slots from Big Time Gaming that players can try online. They ask whether the slot has free spins and whether one can play using real money. The questions in the FAQ capture all aspects that perfectly define what RTP Bonanza is about. More so, they give players the direction on where they can play RTP Bonanza. The affiliate website’s casino index has created some ranking of Big Time Gaming casino slots and it explores the best ranked verified casino slots having RTP Bonanza slots.

Contact Us

General and complaints 

In case gamers have any questions regarding RTP Bonanza, the message boards are the best places where they can easily get responses. Emails and live chat are also available but require some time for the players to get the needed response. However, complaints by email as their first contact point are not accepted. Players sending such emails will get a link that will redirect them to follow some laid out instructions to help them solve their problems.


Advertising on this site is easy as long as one follows the site guidelines and policies before they can be reviewed and published. The customer support does not encourage email requests for those who fail to follow guidelines will automatically be ignored and spammed. If anyone is targeting having their casino listed, they must read and understand the guidelines provided by the site.

Significant information for possible affiliate managers 

All affiliate managers must read this before deciding to contact the site for reviews. They must consider the auditing service to ensure that all issues are fixed before they can publish their review. The audit attracts some fee that the casino to be reviewed must pay. This is a source of income for the site which is crucial in the development of the website.


The way the site connects with its players and new customers is encouraging. The structured policies are clear and important in promoting responsible gambling and helping gamblers get sufficient accurate information concerning gaming.