Highest RTP Slots in 2021

The return to player percentage is also known as RTP in the online gambling space. This is the percentage of stakes an online casino game will give back to its players. In general, anything that is above 97% is considered to be the highest RTP.

The calculations mostly take place over millions of spins, thereafter, they divide the amount gambled by the amount that the gamblers have paid.

On that note, the good news is that we have managed to scrutinize the best online casinos that come with the highest RTP in real money slot games. And it quite fortunate that quite a number of real money casinos online have been offering their gamblers some lucrative deals when it comes to RTP in online slots games.

What Does RTP Mean in Gambling?

RTP simply stands for Return to Player. In gambling, the RTP percentage is simply calculated with the percentage of stakes depending on the game return player. Let’s take, for instance, if a casino slot game comes with a fixed RTP of 92%, this simply means that the player can expect the game to give returns of 0.92 during the long period of gameplays.

The slot game will then play according to the RTP that has been fixed on it and that will be the applicable game rules.

Above all, individual players should take note and understand that the rewards and win at slot games are rewarded randomly. There is no strategy when it comes to playing real money slot games, rather, the only thing you should have is an understanding of how you can play the game and win.

Slot Machines with High RTP

Every real money casino gambler wants to play real money slot games with the best odds. All this in a bid to go for glory when playing slots with the highest RTP.

On that note, let us indicate some of the slot games that you can play and enjoy the best and highest RTP at the recommended online casino right now.

Megajoker – 99% RTP

Spin the reels in the spectacular maximum RTP of 99%. Megajoker is actually the real deal when it comes to the best payout slot machines at real money online casinos today. There is no doubt that this slot will secure the top position when it comes to the most paying slots casino games.

However, there is a catch when it comes to this slot. The super odds will only appear when you play in Supermeter mode. This option is there to offer you the best option that can allow you to convert your winnings into a bigger amount the moment that you increase your bets to 10 coins.

In a normal gaming mode, the RTP mostly starts from as low as 85%. The slot game is kind of sneaky, but simply because it is a highly entertaining game with some exciting slot reels, we will let it slip. The theme of the game is very appealing, it is a fruit-themed game that comes with some extra features to keep entertained throughout the gameplay.

1429 Uncharted Seas – 98.5% RTP

Get ready for some serious payout that comes with this amazing slot game online. The 98% Thunderkick adventure is available to take you to the land of winners and adventure. The High Seas and high returns indicate the moment you start gliding your way through some amazing visuals and engaging soundtracks. This will offer you the best feeling of gambling as you are in pursuit of winning real money.

Get ready and ride the wave that comes with this five-reel slot game along with a minimum bet of 0.10 for players that want simply want to deep their toes at the shores of the water. If you feel like you want to go deep and glide your way into the sea of high betting.

The game comes with two magnificent main bonuses and that makes it one of the best paying slot games. The ship is the highest paying symbol that will turn into a wild symbol.

This will boost your chances of winning real money and some amazing free spins along with the gameplay.

Joker Strike – 98.11% RTP

If you are hunting for the best payout when it comes to real money online slots, Quickspin gaming introduces to you the best casino slot game with the highest RTP. This is not the fanciest of games but it can offer you the best chance of winning real money because of its features.

Joker Strike is a classic fruit slot that comes with an equal basic RTP of 96.4%. but if you manage to activate the high roller feature of this slot game, then you are in for a really big win online. The moment you start getting extra features for high stakes that’s the moment everything will start changing.

That’s the moment you will start to see the RTP rising up pretty well up to 98.11% and you will realize that the slot game is all about making you get the biggest yields.

Bloodsuckers – 98% RTP

The thrilling online slot game comes with a juicy bite that will make you enjoy this 98% RTP slot game online. This is the opportunity to drive your stakes even high and make sure that you have the best gaming extravaganza. Get yourself ready and get the adrenaline rush with this amazing slot game from the best casino game provider NetEnt.

This is not a brand-new slot that you can find on the reels and at the same time, you might tend to miss all the special features that will make the game experience more special and unique for real money players to play and enjoy.

With 5 reels, 3 rows, and 25 paylines, this game got you covered with some generous bonuses that makes everything absolutely stunning.

The slot game also comes with a great wagering requirement that provides low wagering terms. This is one of the good reasons why you should consider playing this slot and drown in loads of fun and excitement.

Bob: The Epic Viking Quest for the Sword – 98% RTP

A slot game that is packed with a mythical adventure along with an emphatic high RTP of 98% is ready to offer you an immense gaming experience. Discover your lucky sword and start raiding this 5×3 grid that will offer some amusing multipliers and awesome bonus features.

Even though the graphic of this slot game might seem to be off, that is not a setback that can hinder you win real money. Win the battle for the highest pay-out on this NetEnt real money slot game. Make your way through to the scatter symbols and at the same time, you will need to keep an eye for the golden Viking ships. This feature will be in a position to offer you free spins along with some great double bets.

In addition, make sure you draw your slots as well as the plunge for some extra spin whilst your mindset is at rest. Everything will just happen automatically as you will be sinking towards something magnificent. This slot game is epic as you have the best chance of winning big without putting too much effort into the game. This means the game got you covered all the time you play for real money.

Good Girl, Bad Girl – 97% RTP

It is not our intention to make our gamblers play bad casino slot games. Rather we focus on the good only. This is a good and unique slot game that boasts an RTP of 97%, bonus game of this slot is actually mind-blowing as it will show you the way to the heavens gate.

However, gamblers who choose to play this slot have two options. The game consists of the Good Girl Mode and the Bad Girl Mode.

The Good Girl Mode comes with its winning combinations that are available from the left with lower variance. The Bad Girl Mode pays right to left with high variance. Well, why the hassle of choosing when you can play both modes and explore your winning chances.

The game is flexible in that it increases your odds for winning combination and that makes it stand out amongst other real money slot games right now.

Above all, the good news is that whichever mode that you opt to choose always remember that the odds of the game will always be in favor of you the players.

Kings of Chicago – 97.8% RTP

If you have the wish to reign in any kind of way, this is the slot game that will offer you that opportunity.

The slot game comes with a poker interface and a theme that carries 5 reels along with 5 paylines. On that note. Don’t allow the amount of the payline to dupe you. The slot game features a full 52 deck along with a joker. This simply means that there are actually enough winning odds to keep the old gangsta happy during the slot play.

In addition, one of the coolest features that the gamblers will love is the card symbol that will work horizontally on the reels.

The moment the joker feature appears as part of the winning combination, then you are in to pump winning with double the win.

Above all, there is also the free spins that are around where you are, rest assured that there are free spins that are very much closer to allow you to win the 2x multiplier boost and in peace. Just make sure that you are ready to play before you sign up at the best and new casino.

White Rabbit – 97.72%

Get some time and be able to follow the high odds that come with this online slot from Bigtime Gaming. By so doing, you won’t see yourself disappearing down the rabbit hole. All credit to the impressive bonus offers along with the flabbergasting audio and visuals that are on the slot reels.

You need to remember that this is a Megaway slot game. This simply means that gamblers have the best chance of getting endless chances of winning the best online combination along with a wide array of symbols and slot themes.

In order not to allow boredom to take a tow on you, always remember that you can increase your chance in the blink of an eye. Be on the lookout for the Caterpillar as it is able to pump and increase your odds up to 4 bonus symbols. All this takes place to make sure that winning real money becomes easy for all casino gamblers online.

Wolfpack Pays – 97.5% RTP

Are you afraid of the dark? Well, if not then you shouldn’t be afraid of the wolf. Wolfpack is a slot game that is ready to serve players with the best online gambling deals.

The game offers some exciting features that are readily available to offer gamblers some amusing features. Imagine getting free spins every time that you secure a win on the slot.

Remember this is combined with the slot game’s high payout percentage, this will offer you a nice ride towards your potential winning online.

This means every time you secure a win you will get 2 wild wolf symbols that will then be added to the active reels.

Moreover, you need to have an objective that your goal is to hit 4 consecutive wins and you will be able to activate the free spin bonus game. This bonus game will go on and reward you with an extra 5 wild wolf symbols. This will then further increase the odds of massive payouts.

If you need more reasons to place your real money bets on this slot, just remember that the slot game is a project of NextGen Gaming. The gaming provider has been consistent when it comes to gaming graphics, visuals as well as sound effects.

A dance with the wolves has never been this better than playing real money casino games. Never forget that dancing with the wolf in the online slot is the only option that gamblers can use to win real money on this game. Simply choose the best casino with a good RTP and you will never go wrong whatsoever.

Where to Play High RTP Slots

The good thing about online gambling is that gamblers now have various options. Online casinos with high RTP have become available to all different types of players. These slot games are available with the best features making sure that gamblers walk away with real money.

On that note, we are going to share with you some of the best and recommended online casinos that you can play slot games with high RTP. Therefore, make sure that you choose wisely and begin your journey of winning big online right now.

Miami Club Casino

The online casino does not only boast of the best real money table games that they offer gamblers online. Rather, real money slots are available to make sure that they offer players a wide range of games with immense opportunities of winning real money.

Nevertheless, the slot games that the casino offer comes with a high RTP and these Return to Player percentage vary depending on the gaming developer of that particular slot game.

In addition, if you sign up at Miami Club Casino, there are high chances that you will not only enjoy the slot games with the highest RTP, rather, there are exclusive bonuses on offer. Get ready to enjoy a 100% bonus upon your 8 deposits at the casino. Therefore, get ready and sign up today for an extravagant online gambling experience.

PlayAmo Casino

One of the most renowned online casinos right now. The casino has become popular for offering gamblers with real money slots that come with some brilliant features that enhance your chances of winning big.

With the moving of time and change in most tech features, PlayAmo casino has gone all the way to upgrade their gaming titles. Their slots no longer only offer players with winning features and symbols. But they have put in place slot games that come with high returns to gamblers. The RTP on some of the slots is mind-blowing and you wouldn’t want to miss out on that.

Therefore, prepare yourself and sign up at the PlayAmo casino and have a blast in real money online gambling today.

Uptown Aces Casino

You cannot play at Uptown Ace Casino and never feel the adrenaline that comes with the casino’s gaming collection. All you need to do is making sure that you choose the best slot game that will offer you the best and biggest RTP. There are quite a number of slot games that you can explore. Therefore, pick your cup of coffee wisely and have the best moment in real money betting.

The bonus offer that the casino is very enticing. Real money gamblers have the best chance of enjoying a 25% bonus + 50 free spins upon sign up. Therefore, make your way to Uptown Aces Casino and you will not regret it.

Why Should You Choose the Highest RTP Slots?

Online casino players play real money casino games for different reasons. And, that is a very important factor when you are choosing the best casino game to play. In the event that you choose to play slots with the highest RTP, there are certain things that you need to consider along the way.

It’s not that playing slots with the highest RTP is bad, but there are good reasons why you should always choose these types of slot games so that you can have the best gambling experience online.

On that note, let us share with you some of the reasons why you should choose the highest RTP slots when playing for real money online.


Yes, it’s true that RTP is never given on all online slot games. It’s quite scientific and it’s not all the time that you will play slot with RTP. But, the good news is that the slot games with the highest RTP offer gamblers the best reliability they need. There is no way that you will sign at a casino for an RTP slot and never get one. Rather, you will get to enjoy everything that you would have signed up for at a recommended online casino.

RTP has become an indication of the potential winning for real money slot online. Therefore, you need to make sure that you sign up at the best online casino and get the best chance to make sure that you win big online.


The best reason why most gamblers prefer slots to any other games is the quick winning returns that the casino games offer. Real money slots offer players the best jackpots and that’s one of the reasons why you should consider choosing the RTP slot whenever you decide to play online casino games. The jackpots are top-notch and they are not complicated therefore, make sure that you sign up for real money slots and win big with jackpots.

How to Find a Slot’s RTP

We have come up with a list of games that are readily available with the highest slots RTP percentage. The list consists of the best slot games with high RTP that is very hard to beat. The slot games will offer you the best winning chances and great thrills when you gamble real money online.

All you need to do is to cash in the slot games with the highest slot RTP. The only place that you can find these slots is playing at recommended online casinos that we have listed. These casinos come with the best security features that will protect all your personal information.

Moreover, the gaming providers are playing a significant role in making sure that gamblers enjoy the best casino slot games with top RTP. They play a good role in making sure that slot games come with the best RTP that will open chances for gamblers to walk away with real money at the best online casino.

In addition, sometimes when you are scrutinizing the slot game’s RTP you will also discover a reference to the House Edge. In most cases, the House Edge is considered by the gaming operator. NetEnt is one of the gaming operators that has been offering slots with a good House edge or RTP. This will make it easy for the casino to come up with an RTP of a particular slot game for real money.

Return to Player Truths and Myths

We might have explored a lot about the RTP on different slot games for real money. But there are also some misconceptions when it comes to this online gambling feature. On that note, we are going to address some of the myths and truth that comes with the RTP for real money slot games.

Most players have developed some ideas on how some slot games work. And we are going to put some of the things to rest mainly when it comes to the actual truth and the myths that have been spread on most people.

1. Online Casino Can Manipulate The RTP Of Their Slot Games

There is no truth in this concept. Online casinos do not have a hand when it comes to slot games RTP. This is simply because casinos do not own these slot games. Other games will come with their own RTP and what the casino simply does is to offer players the game to play.

In addition, some developers offer slot games with several RTP variations and the casino is not even able to change a random game at their own will.

2. RTP is Completely Irrelevant for a Single Session

This is actually both true and not true. Remember anything can happen during a single session of slot gaming. There are moments when the actual RTP of a slot game cannot be reached either way. This information is very important for gamblers to know before they start playing for real money.

However, you need to keep in mind that a slot game with 96% RTP will surely be good compared to the one with 85% RTP. Therefore, whilst you can still have the chance to win, you can also win or lose in the process.

3. Progressive Jackpot Influences RTP Of Slot Game

In most cases, this is very true. Online slots with progressive jackpots might showcase RTP of 94%, for instance. But then a part of RTP is mostly determined through the progressive jackpot. What it means is that lest you win the Jackpot you will be playing the slot game with RTP that is significantly lower than what you have seen before.

Land-based vs. Online Slots: Which One Has Better RTP?

Most players have moved from a land-based casino to online casinos for various reasons. It’s true that online casinos now have the edge over land casinos. From real money games to the most enhanced gaming features, gamblers have all the good reasons to place their best online.

But can we say that’s the only reason that gamblers have to find their way to play on the internet? Well, the bonuses and Jackpot prizes have played a big role. Nevertheless, of all the things that we have mentioned real money slots online offer the best and the highest RTP than land casinos.

RTP at land-based casinos is usually set from 70% to 90% RTP and this is actually the lowest compared to online casinos. Online casinos have gone all out to offer the best RTP all this in a bid to entice players to keep playing real money casino games for real money.

Nonetheless, the software providers have played a significant role in offering online casinos the best RTP games. These games are available in a wide range compared to land-based casinos. That offers players numerous options in their pursuit of winning big.

There is no doubt that online casinos will always have an edge when it comes to the best RTP games. And it’s clear they have better RTP compared to land casinos. Therefore, if you want many chances of winning big online surely you can place your bets online and get the chance to enjoy real money online right now.


Why is it important to check the RTP?

The RTP is a Return to Player Percentage, this is a percentage of your bankroll that you should expect to win back when playing a particular slot game online.

How do I find a slot’s RTP?

Gaming providers make the information of the slot’s RTP easily accessible and most online casinos have made it easily visible on their casino site.

What is the difference between theoretical and actual RTP?

Theoretical RTP is the ideal percentage a slot game must be paying out. Nevertheless, the actual RTP can only come near to this figure after you have been playing the game for a while.

Which slot games pay the most in 2021?

Quite a number of online slots are paying well in 2021, but some have been consistent in paying gamblers the most. These include:

  • Megajoker
  • Joker strike
  • Bloodsucker
  • Jokerize
  • Good Girl, Bad Girl
  • Kings of Chicago
  • White Rabbits
  • Wolfpack Pays

What is the best RTP slot machine?

Since we have gone through all the best slots that you can play with the highest RTP. However, the slot with the best RTP is Megajoker. Therefore, consider playing this game and win big.


Now that you know the best real money slot games with the best RTP, you should consider choosing the best casino online and win big. We have shared with you the most recommended online casinos that can offer you an exciting gambling experience. It’s now up to you to heed our call as you embark on your online gambling journey.

Above all, make sure that you practice responsible gambling. Slot games are very exciting and you might get to a point whereby you might get an addiction. Therefore, make sure you create a good bankroll and you will be good to go and play big and win big.